What is a miracle? There are lots of miracles recorded in the Bible, as this poem reminds us. But, still, what is a miracle, especially in this time that “is not the age of miracles”? Perhaps the greatest miracle of our time is faith – simply trusting in God’s loving presence, even in this modern age, and being able to rest in our faith, even as the storms rage around us. This is a simple, but moving poem, about the miracle of faith, and the rest that our faith can offer our world-weary souls.

Miracles | Richard Jones

I need to witness miracles today—
a river turned to blood,
water become wine,
a burning coal touching the prophet’s lips,
black ravens swooping down
to bring a starving man bread and meat,
a poor fisherman raising the dead!
I’ve heard theologians say
this is not the age of miracles,
but still, I’m easy to impress.
I don’t need to climb out of the boat
and walk on water; I’d just like
to put my head on the pillow
while the storm still rages, and rest.

This poem is found in Richard Jones’ book, The Correct Spelling & Exact Meaning, which you can learn more about here.

6 thoughts on “Miracles | Richard Jones

  1. Reblogged this on the deepening ground and commented:
    I had been thinking of sharing something for this Lenten season perhaps from Wendell Berry or Mary Oliver, but, once again, Rev. James E. Laurence provides a timely post. I love the turn in the final four lines and, having just perused the headlines for the day, it’s a timely reminder of the miracle we are daily invited to share in the middle of life’s storms. “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden…”

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