The beginning of this new year brought this poem back to mind for me, a poem that literally begins with the word begin. But where do we begin, this day or this year? Exactly where we are, Guite reminds us. Accept where we, listen to our life, slow down, let it all be for good. And then? Let our life be an open singing bowl, and let its music plus the world around us. A wise and wonderful poem to reflect on at the beginning of this new year. Many blessings to you, this year and always.

Singing Bowl | Malcolm Guite

Begin the song exactly where you are,
Remain within the world of which you’re made.
Call nothing common in the earth or air,

Accept it all and let it be for good.
Start with the very breath you breathe in now,
This moment’s pulse, this rhythm in your blood

And listen to it, ringing soft and low.
Stay with the music, words will come in time.
Slow down your breathing. Keep it deep and slow.

Become an open singing-bowl, whose chime
Is richness rising out of emptiness,
And timelessness resounding into time.

And when the heart is full of quietness
Begin the song exactly where you are.

I own several of Malcom Guite’s books, but I first encountered this poem on his blog. You can find it here.

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