Their delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law they meditate day and night.

Psalm 1:2

I developed my own Bible reading plan in 2021 because I could not find one that met all of my needs. I used this plan throughout 2021, adjusted here and there along the way, and shared it on this blog last December. You can find it here. But since then I have encouraged several people not to use it, but instead to try reading the New Testament first. Why? To use a running analogy, it’s a good idea to run a couple of 10Ks and a half-marathon before you decide to tackle a full marathon.

With that in mind, here is the Bible reading plan that I recommend to people who are ready to read the New Testament all the way through. This plan incorporates several features that are helpful to me, just as my full Bible reading plan does.

First, this plan is weekly, not daily, simply because that works better for me. With a weekly plan, I don’t get anxious when I fall behind. If I am too busy one day, I can simply make up for it the next, or even later in the week. On the other hand, if I am really enjoying my reading, I don’t feel the need to stop with that particular day’s passage.

Second, I wanted to keep the spirit of reading the New Testament straight through, but I also do not want to read all four Gospels before reading anything else. So, I have spread the Gospels out. After reading the Gospel of Matthew, we read Paul’s Letters to the Romans and the Corinthians before turning back to the Gospels, in this case, Mark. I also think it is helpful to read the Acts of the Apostles right after reading the Gospel of Luke, since it is written by the same author and is intended to be a sequel to the Gospel of Luke.

Third, because I believe it is important to pray the Psalms daily, I have included Psalms to be read/prayed each week, even though they are not part of the New Testament. I typically have six psalms a week (one a day, with one to come back to and repeat). The exception, of course, is Psalm 119, which because of its length, I have given its own week. Reading/praying the psalms in this way leads one to pray the psalter straight through in six months. 

If you have not read the Bible in this way before (or even if you have), a resource that I would recommend is “How to Read the Bible Book by Book” by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart. It offers an overview of each book, specific advice for reading each of the books, and then a walk through each book. It is great to have alongside your Bible as you read through the New Testament (or the entire Bible) book by book.

So, with all of that in mind, here is my plan. (I will also include a pdf file of this plan for you to download, if you would like).

WeekN.T. ReadingsPsalmsCompleted
1Matthew 1 – 11Psalms 1-6
2Matthew 12 – 20Psalms 7-12
3Matthew 21 – 28Psalms 13-18
4Romans 1 – 8Psalms 19-24
5Romans 9 – 16 Psalms 25-30
61 Corinthians Psalms 31-36
72 Corinthians Psalms 37-42
8Mark 1 – 9 Psalms 43-48
9Mark 10 – 16Psalms 49-54
10Galatians – EphesiansPsalms 55-60
11Philippians – Colossians Psalms 61-66
121 and 2 ThessaloniansPsalms 67-72
131 Timothy – PhilemonPsalms 73-78
14Luke 1 – 8 Psalms 79-84
15Luke 9 – 16 Psalms 85-90
16Luke 17 – 24 Psalms 91-96
17Acts 1 – 9Psalms 97-102
18Acts 10 – 19 Psalms 103-108
19Acts 20 – 28 Psalms 109-114
20Hebrews Psalms 115-118
21James – 2 Peter Psalm 119
22John 1 – 10Psalms 120-125
23John 11 – 21Psalms 126-131
241 John – Jude Psalms 132-137
25Revelation 1 – 11 Psalms 138-143
26Revelation 12 – 22Psalms 144-150

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