The beatitudes that begin Jesus Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-12) offer us one of the most beloved sections in all Scripture, and certainly one of my favorites. Beginning with “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven,” Jesus offers nine such blessings, and give us much to ponder about our life in Christ. But if you were invited to add a new beatitude to his list, what might it be? In this week’s poem, Scott Cairns offers us seven new beatitudes, which he calls “late sayings.” And they are quite wonderful. This poem is from his book of poetry, Anaphora, but I came across it in The Paraclete Poetry Anthology, which I highly recommend. Here it is:

Late Sayings | Scott Cairns

Blessed as well are the wounded but nonetheless kind,
       for they shall observe their own mending.

Blessed are those who shed their every anxious defense,
              for they shall obtain consolation.

Blessed are those whose sympathy throbs as an ache,
              for they shall see the end of suffering.

Blessed are those who do not presume,
              for they shall be surprised at every turn.

Blessed are those who seek the God in secret,
              for they shall know His very breath rising as a pulse.

Blessed moreover are those who refuse to judge,
              for they shall forget their own most grave transgressions.

Blessed are those who watch and pray, who seek and plead,
              for they shall see, and shall be heard.

4 thoughts on “Late Sayings | Scott Cairns

  1. I love these! Tabletalk Magazine, which we follow in our small men’s group, had a wonderful quote from this past weekend which the final verse reminded me of. “Despite having ears that don’t hear, we have a God who listens to us.” – Christina Fox

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