No More Empty Places

There will be no more empty
places at your table when
we fall in love again.
So rekindle the flame
that once burned so bright.
Help us to remember
what drew us first to you.

When we wander too far
to hear your voice,
and no longer care,
let our lonely despair
open our souls again,
that your word might find
the good soil it seeks.

The reasons to love you
outnumber stars or sand,
and every one enough.
Remind us of the one
that will set our hearts on fire
and draw us back to your table,
where we can be fed and
find our place of rest.

3 thoughts on “No More Empty Places

  1. Beautifully written! There are SO many distractions that attempt to lure us away from the table “where we can be fed and / find our place of rest,” but they always leave us hungry and ill at ease. Lord, help us all to come back to our first love and stay seated with you. I love this! Thank you for sharing!

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