One Last Text

I didn’t know it at the time, 
this 'happy birthday' and
'prayer for a return to our moral senses
throughout the world,'
this concern that
'It seems every day
has a new low in world events.'
Your last text to me.

Yes, Dad, I know how
concerned you are - you were -
for this world that we share.
But here’s my hope for you:
That you are not worried anymore;
that you have found peace
in the arms of Jesus,
his gentle mercy washing away all
your cares and concerns.

Rest now, Dad.
This world is going to be okay.
Not because of you or me.
But because of Him,
who came to save this world,
who died to forgive us both,
and who is now welcoming you home.

We're going to be okay, Dad.
That is all I want to say in
this last text to you,
the one I wish I had sent,
the one you no longer need.

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