By now most of you have probably heard of the new word game, Wordle. Each day you get six guesses to try and figure out the five letter word of the day. It is a simple, fun game that I have been enjoying for the last month or two. There are lots of suggestions for the best starting word to use – words that theoretically give you the best chance of figuring out the word of the day. But lately I have been choosing starting words with another purpose in mind: to set my intention for the day. I am using words that also happen to be good starting words, but more importantly help me to stay focused that day on a particular aspect of my faith. What do I mean by this? And what are some examples of these kind of starting words? I’m glad you asked! Here are some possibilities:

ABIDE – Jesus teaches us in John 15 that he is the vine and we are the branches. “Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). “Abide” is a word that gives you three vowels for your opening Wordle word – which is a good thing! – but it can also set your intention this day – to abide in Jesus. 

GRACE – This is a starting word that I often use, to remind me that my relationship with God starts and ends with this wonderful gift, the gift of God’s grace (Ephesians 2:8-9). As an intention for the day, this word reminds me to give others (and myself) a little grace, just as God has so generously given to me.

HEART – This would be a great word to use to remind us that God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5). This word as an intention for the day also reminds us to go through this day loving the Lord our God with all our heart and loving our neighbor as our self (Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 22:36-39).

FAITH – This is a starting word that can help us to remember to go through this day with faith, trusting in God’s guidance every step of the way, as Proverbs 3:5 teaches us. (You could also use the word “trust,” of course, but it is probably not a great starting word for Wordle since it only has one vowel and repeats the letter “t.”)

PAUSE – This is not a traditional “church” word, but as an intention it would be a great word to remind us to pause throughout the day for moments of prayer. (There’s even a devotional app to help us with this:

PEACE – As a starting word, “peace” reminds us of this wonderful gift from God, but also of the importance of sharing this gift with others. Jesus assures of this gift in John 14:27, and he invites us to share this gift in Matthew 5:9. Using “peace” as our starting word would be a way of starting our day in the spirit of the Prayer of Saint Francis, “Lord make me an instrument of your peace.” 

LEAST – I thought of using the word “serve” as a starting word, to set my intention to serve others following the example of Jesus. But to be honest, “serve” is probably not a great opening word, since it only has one vowel. So instead, I thought I’d use a word to describe who I am called to serve – the “least of these” among us. Jesus reminds us that when we care for the “least of these” we care for him (Matthew 25:40). So “least” is a good word to set that particular intention for the day. Or, in that same spirit, “share” would be another good starting word, to set our intention to share with others what God has entrusted to us.

These are just a few examples of starting words for Wordle that can also set our intention for the day. Wordle is a fun game to play, and I have been incorporating this little spiritual discipline into my time with it. Can you think of other starting words that would be good to use in setting our intention for the day?

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