Want to be perfect? Here are five easy steps, which I am calling the Lutheran version, but it’s really true for all Christians:

  1. Begin at the cross, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Thank him for his love and resolve to live for him daily.
  2. Decide that it is going pretty well. Begin to think that you can do this on your own. Stray from the cross.
  3. Fall down, sin, despair, and give up on yourself.
  4. Come to your senses, turn around, and take the Prodigal’s well-worn path back to the cross.
  5. Fall on your knees and thank Jesus for his perfect love, for saving this poor, wretched sinner, who will never be perfect apart from the precious blood of the Lamb. Be welcomed home with love. 

That’s it! Five easy steps to perfection! Just make sure to repeat as necessary!

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