As I read through the Bible this year, I am writing a nonet poem for each of its sixty-six books. 45 syllables for each of the 66 books of the Bible. These little poems are not intended to summarize these books, but simply to capture the spirit of each book, as it came to me while reading and pondering them this time around. I have previously shared my nonets for the Pentateuch and nonets for Joshua through 2 Kings. Here are my nonets for the next five books, 1 Chronicles through Esther.

1 Chronicles

Chronicling the generations of
God’s chosen people, to show us
God’s faithfulness throughout, and
To remind us of God’s
Promise – that David’s
Son would always
Reign as God’s

2 Chronicles

But there are consequences for sin,
As the Chronicler makes so clear,
In these accounts of God’s kings.
Those who do not listen
Lose their way in life.
Those who obey
Are blessed and


Ezra set his heart on God’s Torah,
To study and teach God’s people.
He gathered them together,
Fasted, prayed, and taught them.
They listened and learned.
God’s people and
God’s house were


Nehemiah wept, fasted, prayed, while
Jerusalem lay in ruins.
And then he began his work.
Guided by prayer, he
Rebuilt the city,
Restored worship,
And did all
That God


Perhaps, said Mordecai to Esther,
It was for such a time as this
You have come into this world.
Her story teaching us
That God works in ways
Often hidden,
Bringing good
From our

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