Gracious and Loving God,

I give thanks to you for the privilege of serving you through this blog, 
for the opportunity to share my faith in this way,
and I pray for each and every person who visits these pages.
I ask you, Lord, to bless all who read these words,
praying that you would draw them closer to you as they do so.
Guide me and help me as I seek to share your life and love
with those who visit here.
There is nothing I want more, Lord,
than to be faithful to you in thought, word, and deed,
but I can only do this with your steadfast help.
Lead me in right pathways, Lord,
as I write and as I live.
Help me to ponder your word and its implication for our world
with persistence, faithfulness, and always with prayer.
Help me to abide in you,
for apart from you I can do nothing of value in your sight.
May all my words be acceptable and pleasing to you,
my strength and my redeemer.
Where I have written something that is not pleasing in your sight,
I beg forgiveness.
Where I have written something that brings you honor,
I ask you to help others to find it.
I pray, too, for all my fellow bloggers,
as they share their faith and proclaim on their pages
the good news of your love in Jesus.
Bless their efforts and encourage them
as they serve you in this way.
May some of the seed we cast in faith
land on good soil and bring forth grain.
But since we do not always see the fruit of our labors,
I pray, dear Lord, that you would help us
not to concern ourselves with numbers, or success,
but only with faithfulness to you.
The truth is that we all see in this mirror of life so dimly,
and know only in part.
Teach us and guide us,
until that blessed day when we will know fully,
even as we have been fully known.
I ask these things, and whatever else you know we need,
in the name of your son, Jesus.

I began this blog to share my sermons and other pastoral ponderings with my congregation. I soon discovered a number of other Christian bloggers that I have been blessed to connect with, to learn from, and to interact with, as we share in this ministry of bringing the love of Christ to our world. Recently, I have had more people visit my blog through search engines. Not lots of people, by most measures, but enough that it has prompted me to be more intentional in my prayers for this blog and for all who visit it. I wrote the above prayer as a result of that, and thought I’d share it with you. After all, if you are reading this, you are included in this prayer. And you will continue to be in my prayers, each and every one of you reading these words, because together we share in the holy task of bringing the love of Christ to all of God’s beloved world. Blessings as you do so.

13 thoughts on “A Prayer for My Blog

  1. Not sure what I believe anymore, but I am one hundred percent certain I AM NOT the master of the universe, and I am grateful I have found your blog posts. I do believe you are a faithful man with pure intent and assist many people. From your posts, also, I believe you are a wonderful father, and that’s the substance that warms my heart the most. Thank you for sharing your journey with so many. It brings me comfort.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot. And I appreciate your honest and open struggle with faith – you have every reason to, and your honesty and openness about your grief and questions surrounding life’s challenges are undoubtedly a blessing to those who read your words. My prayers, as I tried to say in this blog post and prayer, will continue to be with you. Blessings, James


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