Befriend the Day

Befriend the day, this day, 
that has never been
and never will be again,
befriend its holy mystery -
wake up to this day,
to yourself,
to the God who made it,
to this unrepeatable miracle;
don't miss the burning bush,
the treasure in the field,
the pearl of great price
that is today.

When the day becomes tedious,
for it surely will,
yield to the transfiguring prayer
bubbling up from within -
open your soul's window
to the holy perched on the sill,
waiting to be let in,
to create this day anew.

When the day stumbles,
and the unwelcome arrives,
as it, too, is wont to do,
befriend this stranger,
walk this new path,
eyes open for grace,
looking for the good that comes
when we choose love.

When the day brings loss,
as many days do,
grieve without shame, weep,
feel the pain of losing what was,
and what is still, loved -
don’t run from the day,
or from the ache it has brought;
it, too, in ways beyond understanding,
is there to befriend.

When the day offers its fleeting joy,
please, please don’t ask why,
or for how long,
or whether it can be kept -
this joy will surely pass,
like this day, like this life,
but not without its blessing,
not without its gift.

Befriend this precious day,
but hold onto it lightly,
and let it go,
as you know you must,
with the setting of the day's sun;
let this day return to the Lord
who made it,
to the Lord who made us -
unrepeatable miracles,
befriended forever,
by the God of
this blessed day.

12 thoughts on “Befriend the Day

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It is beautiful and I appreciate your works tremendously. May God continue to bless you with this talent. Peggy

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  2. I’m going to print this out so I can revisit it over and over again. What a blessing reminder of how to approach each new day from a heavenly perspective. As a teacher, there are just some days, especially here towards the end of this long school year (made longer by the way the world has changed over the past year) I needed this poetic nourishment. You speak the words of the Father. Thank you!

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    1. This has been a very challenging year, indeed, and teachers in particular have certainly been in my prayers. I am so thankful that you have found nourishment in these words, and I offer my prayers as you finish this year, and as you approach each day from a heavenly perspective.

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