The Blessing We Seek

You blessed with love on the mountain that day,
The poor in spirit, who mourn, who are meek,
Who hunger for righteousness, come what may,
And all whose hearts burn, like yours, for the weak.
In your mercy, with a love that was full,
These beatitudes you offered before
What lay ahead, for you and your faithful.
No woes just yet, knowing what was in store,
Just simple truths to all who would listen,
And a promise to lead those who followed.
You shared with them there a wondrous vision –
Beyond the cross, an end to their sorrow.
Your love, then and now, the only blessing
We seek, the only blessing we rest in.

This sonnet is inspired by the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12, which Jesus shared at the beginning of his Sermon on the Mount. The picture used in the background is one that I took from the top of the Mount of Beatitudes, looking down on the Sea of Galilee. Here it is:

The Sea of Galilee from the Mount of Beatitudes

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