We should so root ourselves in God that we do not need to look for comfort anywhere else.

Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

As I continue sharing some of my favorite quotes, here is a quote from what is probably the single most important book in my spiritual formation (outside of the Bible, of course) – The Imitation of Christ. I chose this quote today because it continues a theme from last week of finding comfort in God. Last week I shared a quote from Martin Luther stating that “There is on earth no greater comfort than Baptism.” In today’s quote, Thomas à Kempis encourages us to so root ourselves in our baptisms and in God that we do not need to look for comfort anywhere else in this world. This is wise encouragement that I need to hear again and again.

5 thoughts on “Favorite Quotes – Thomas à Kempis

  1. Thank you for sharing this; it reminded me of a quote from Kempis that I highlighted some time back: “If your heart be right, then every created thing will become for you a mirror of life and a book of holy teaching. For there is nothing created so small and mean that it does not reflect the goodness of God”.

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