Love Reflected

What Love
You showed us –
Sending Your Son
To our broken world,
To bless us with healing
We did not know we needed,
To give us hope, life, and meaning,
And a firm ground on which we can stand.

Standing on this holy ground of Love,
Setting our minds on things above,
We open our hearts to serve –
Guided by Your Spirit,
We rejoice to give
Our very selves
To this world
You so

A nonet poem, as I have shared previously, offers a form that is both wonderfully simple and endlessly creative. Nine lines, with the first line having nine syllables, and each subsequent line having one fewer, until the last line with its one syllable.

This particular poem consists of two nonets, the first being a reverse nonet. I have done this to show how God’s love comes to us and can then be reflected into our world. Visually, these two stanzas are reflections of one another, and the stanzas are written to show what that reflection can look like in our life. The reflection is not perfect, of course, and neither are we. But even imperfect, what we reflect adds to the beauty of God’s creation. Amazing, I know, but true! Blessings to you as you reflect God’s love into your world!

Uwharrie River, North Carolina

11 thoughts on “A Nonet Reflecting God’s Love

  1. I’ve paddled the Uwharrie River, back in the late 70s! If I remember correctly, there was a dam that surprised us and we had to bushwhack our way around it.

    I like your poem and especially how you display it in the photo.

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