This sonnet came to me as I was working on this Sunday’s sermon. I’m not going to use it in my sermon, so I thought I’d share it here. It is inspired by the description of the kingdom of heaven offered by Jesus in Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52.

What the Kingdom of Heaven Is Like

The kingdom of heaven is not countless
Angels singing, or saints worshiping so 
Serenely on bended knees in endless
Adoration around a golden throne. 
Your kingdom, you said, is like mustard seed 
Planted, or yeast mixed with flour, a pearl 
Found and purchased, a net thrown in the sea
Whose caught fish are sorted for the next world. 
Have you understood all these things? You asked.
Yes, they boldly answered, without a thought.
Hearing this, Lord, I imagine you laughed, 
For what kingdom could they have figured out?
You kept walking, on your way to the cross,
To the kingdom that none but you could grasp.

6 thoughts on “What the Kingdom of Heaven Is Like

      1. That book has some beautiful things in it. It considered the Maori culture when it was written and is in two languages. It is on line. Take a look at Night Prayer. That is where the interesting translation of the Lord’s Prayer is. There is also a wonderful prayer that I use before bed….it begins “It is night The night is for stillness, let us be still in the presence of God.” It is such a great day ending prayer.


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