Since I have been sharing poetry on my blog, I thought I might try my hand at writing something. So, here is a little poem that I wrote for all my fellow “shelter-in-place” pilgrims out there.

Porch Pilgrim

My porch is my 

No, I am not 
walking untold miles with Camino travelers  
hoping to find my place along the way.

No, I am not 
climbing the highest available mountain 
hoping to glimpse transfigured glory.

No, I am not 
crawling on my knees up Roman stairs
hoping to carry to heaven's throne 
my earth-laden prayers.

No, I am not 
fasting in the wilderness
hoping to convince a distant deity to 
share a morsel with me.

I am just opening my back door, and 
trying not to trip on the dog who is 
rushing out to join me. I am

sitting on my chair and 
listening to the day's birdsong and 

trying, as best I can, to 
be still and to 

My porch is my 
pilgrimage, and 
this poem  
my prayer.

4 thoughts on “Porch Pilgrim

  1. I have a little walk around my garden. And reflect on the cloister walk at great cathedrals. Thank you for the inspiration of your little poem. All pilgrims with Jesus as companion find great joy not matter how many steps we take… Blessings

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